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In 2003, Goonam Vina factory was considered the first factory specializing in manufacturing steel doors/fireproof steel doors in Vietnam market with a fairly modern machinery and equipment system. Not only pioneering the production of Korean fire-resistant steel doors to Vietnam, the company also actively researched and processed many other types of doors such as automatic doors, very special pocket doors that were almost imported before. .
2020 is a year of many changes in the direction of increasing quality and fire safety criteria. Especially with the Ministry of Construction promulgating the standard QCVN 06:2020/BXD (National technical regulation on fire safety for houses and works), the Police Department of Fire Prevention and Rescue has also issued it. Decree ND136 detailing a number of articles and measures to implement the Law on Fire Prevention and Fighting and the Law amending and supplementing a number of articles of the Law on Fire Prevention and Fighting. The introduction of these two legal documents is a big step forward in quality, requiring businesses to adapt immediately by urgently researching and improving product quality.

After many months since the establishment of the Product Research and Development Team, Goonam Vina Co., Ltd. has achieved impressive research results: successful research and self-control of the EI fire prevention core according to the new standard, especially the fire-blocking core is 35-50% lighter than many other companies’ products of the same level. With nearly 20 years of establishment and development, our company’s steel door / fireproof steel door products are honored to be selected to be used for important projects by reputable contractors such as Coteccons, Unicons, Ricons, Cofico, Hoa Binh, Newtecons…

1. What is a fire door?

Usually when going into the stairs of apartment buildings, you will see this door line. Fire doors are also known as emergency exit doors or stair exit doors. Simply put, it is a specially designed thing with high fire resistance. The product has a fire retardant function, preventing the spread of fire when a risk occurs. It is usually installed at the exits of the apartment building. Currently, due to the improvement of aesthetics, the product must also be used as a door, a room door. Most apartment buildings install this product in the hallway of each floor to ensure safety. In addition to apartments, fire doors are also commonly used in other buildings. It is easy to see it in commercial centers, hospitals, schools, factories, factories, etc. The common fire door has a great effect if there is an unfortunate fire. Preventing the fire helps people have time to escape, ensuring safety for people. Fire doors slow down the ignition phase, prolonging the time it takes for the firefighting team to assist in a timely manner. Thereby avoiding maximum damage to your property.
The door is installed in the emergency stairs of the building
Doors help ensure safety and reduce risks for users

2. Construction and installation of fireproof doors

Depending on the project, there will be different door models required. The construction unit will conduct the actual survey, conduct observation and measurement in the building. After that, a plan and sketch of products will be used for the project. The building owner will be advised by the construction unit to buy the most appropriate product. With a variety of sizes, designs and materials. After merging and selecting the door model, the construction unit will proceed to production. When the product is available, the construction unit will proceed to transfer the item to the required installation site. Here, the unit will have to prepare all the tools and machines used for door installation. Professional units will always have equipment available for the installation process to be on schedule and technology. If the preparation is lacking, it will affect the installation or stop, affecting the construction progress. Next, the enterprise will check once again the installation site. Although this is a preliminary survey, this is an important step. Because it will decide the allocation of resources and standard material allocation for each floor. This makes the installation more precise and the process faster. The team will then proceed to install the door frame to the wall.

This must be done carefully with the high skill of the scientist. Because it determines the durability and bearing capacity of the door. The technician should evaluate the robustness and certain period of the frame with any distortion. After installing the frame, the technician will install the door to the frame. All must be strictly controlled because if there is a deviation, the efficiency will be reduced. The frame and the door must be tight, solid and safe. The technician must conduct the opening and closing of the door, assessing whether most of the corresponding aspects between the frame and the wing are up to standard. At the same time, students need to align and complete the accessories that come with the door. Upon completion, the scientist will conduct a review of the factors and overview again. This is to ensure the door operates smoothly, the right factors to achieve high efficiency. All fireproof steel doors in each building should ensure compliance with standard procedures. Because this is a device to help ensure safety, errors must not be allowed. Therefore, it must be practiced by a team of highly skilled technicians. In addition, they are required with extensive installation experience, to adapt to different projects.

3. Which company should supply, install and embellish fireproof steel doors?

Goonam Vina is an organization specializing in the construction and installation of fireproof steel doors nationwide. We always provide high quality guaranteed product samples. Each product is strictly tested with a closed process. Goonam Vina always actively supports buyers with the most optimal solution for the building. To ensure maximum efficiency when using the product. Goonam Vina supports mandatory distribution from material, size, product design. You can refer to some of Goonam Vina’s fireproof door products here. With a wealth of experience and professional staff, Goonam Vina is the leading unit in the field of fire door installation. All the work Goonam Vina does is always done by skilled technicians. The entire process before, during and after installation is carefully controlled. We believe that the meticulousness in supply and installation will create safety for users. Goonam Vina is also a professional fireproof door repair support organization. You can rest assured about the quality of the product throughout the use process. Visit Goonam Vina at Address: Lot 18, Street 4, Linh Trung 2 Industrial Park, Binh Chieu, Thu Duc City, HCMC. Or the hotline address for the fastest support. Goonam Vina will help you choose the best and most suitable solutions for your project.

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