Good quality

Looking at the achievements in key projects, with reputable investors in the market, that is a measure of the quality of our products and services. It can be briefly described as follows:
Committed input materials + Highly enthusiastic skilled human resources = List of key projects
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Quick response

This factor is ranked second but is Goonam Vina’s biggest strength, which is the product of the company culture that has been forged for nearly 20 years. The culture of ppa-li ppa-li / 빠리  (냔냔 – fast fast) permeates every Goonam person.
The company’s Board of Directors said that “speed is what determines competitiveness”.


Flexibility is what you can measure the quality of each company’s personnel. Flexibility is demonstrated through confidence and certainty in our commitment to our customers.
We see flexibility as our biggest difference from many other competitors, especially for large companies.
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The highest level of responsibility is the spirit of ownership. It is professionalism, enthusiasm, conscientious work, no fuss.
Each member of the team is trusted and empowered to make decisions and is willing to take responsibility for their decisions.


We are an enterprise operating in the field of construction in general and Fire Protection in particular, so safety is a top factor. This is the fundamental virtue of building our corporate culture.
Goonam Vina advocates taking the sincerity of the business to be able to receive the loyalty of customers.
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