This Mid-Autumn Festival reminds me of the old Mid-Autumn Festival

Try it out, for each individual there are different special days. For me, every Mid-Autumn Festival is an opportunity to take a car for a few walks around the city, sit at my favorite cafe – Phuc Long cafe sipping with their own unique Phuc Long Cake… while eating, suddenly thinking “how many happy seasons do we have from mid-autumn to Tet?”; Ask yourself questions and then answer yourself: Mid-Autumn Festival, birthday, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, company year-end, Tet… just thinking about it makes me feel full of vitality, … and saying to myself “I have so much joy. happy in life”. Don’t people live well and stay positive because of their bright faith ahead? Cakes, no favorite coffee, brothers, associates and especially the Korean boss are probably also very sad because of the Mid-Autumn Festival in exile…?

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